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"Final Sentence"
  1. Family is the most important thing in the world to Jenna.  How did it affect you to find out about Jenna’s husband and mother passing away in the same month?

  2. A theme of the book could be how one moment can change your life forever.  How has this twist of fate affected you personally?  How did it affect Jenna?

  3. How did you feel about how Jenna balanced the new elements of her move, her life, her new career? Are there any aspects of Jenna that don’t ring true?

  4. Creating a credible villain is one of the writer’s hardest tasks.  Readers want to know the “why”.  Did the reasons for the victim’s murder ring true?  Was the killer a sympathetic character?

  5. Which of the secondary characters was your favorite and why?

  6. Cookbooks are a major factor of A Cookbook Nook Mystery series.  Did you find the mentions of cookbooks and subsequent descriptions satisfying?

  7. Did you know there’s a list of cookbooks mentioned on Daryl’s website under “Fun Stuff”? Which was your favorite cookbook?

  8. Will you try the recipes included at the back of the book?

  9. As is common in a lot of cozy mysteries nowadays, there is also a romantic element to consider. While investigating the murder, Jenna, trying to move on after the horrific loss of her husband, finds herself attracted to Rhett Baxter. What do you think of the romantic chemistry between Jenna and Rhett?  Do they make an interesting couple, one that you would want to read about in future books?  Are you intrigued about Rhett while not knowing much about his background…yet?

  10. Is there anyone else that you think Jenna should date?  What would be her ideal man?

Thanks to each and every one of you for reading
Final Sentence
 and finding the time to discuss it. 

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