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"Stirring The Plot"

Note: Daryl Wood Gerber is available to talk with your book club by telephone or iChat or Skype.  Please email Daryl to arrange a date and time.

  1. The Winsome Witches are throwing their annual luncheon to raise money for literacy. Do you belong to any volunteer programs? Do you, like the WWs, aim for one big blowout of an event or do you feel it’s better to stretch the events over the course of a year?

  2. At the opening faire, Jenna learns that a lot of people are superstitious. She isn’t; not really. But as spooky occurrences increase, she finds herself a little bit more so. Are you superstitious?

  3. When Aunt Vera claims to lose her power to see the future, Jenna scoffs. Do you know anyone who is psychic? Does it bother you that they are or you are not?

  4. Jenna’s relationship with Rhett is heating up. His past isn’t entirely brought to light yet. Should she or shouldn’t she?

  5. Jenna might not be superstitious, but she certainly is suspicious. When she coordinates events so that she might overhear a conversation, do you feel she has overstepped her boundaries?

  6. Jenna tries to keep Chief Pritchett (Cinnamon) apprised of her findings, but the chief is pretty busy, and Jenna has to settle for the deputy. Do you find their conversations believable?

  7. Jenna is getting pretty daring in the kitchen. Are you a cook? Do you experiment with recipes or stay strict to the written word?

  8. How do you feel about people that gossip? Do you think these characters are vital to a mystery?

  9. Jenna was shocked to find that her father was the person roaming the cemetery. Have you ever been shocked to discover something you didn’t know about a loved one?

  10. Did you guess the identity of the killer?  Did you guess the motive before it was revealed?

Thanks to each and every one of you for reading
Stirring the Plot
 and finding the time to discuss it. 

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